Box Office Results: Night at the Museum terminates through Memorial Day Weekend

Studio Estimates (May 22-25):

1.  Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian – $70 million
2.  Terminator Salvation – $53.8 million
3.  Star Trek – $29.4 million
4.  Angels & Demons – $27.7 million
5.  Dance Flick – $13.1 million

Hope everyone had a grand Memorial Day Weekend.  Ben Stiller and the rest of the Night at the Museum cast sure did.  Pulling off the upset, Battle of the Smithsonian destroyed the poorly reviewed Terminator Salvation by a gross of $70 million to $53.8 million.  I’m not sure what happened to Salvation.  I haven’t seen it and a big part of that is because of the critical bashing it received.  An even bigger part is because I haven’t even seen the trilogy yet.  For the record, grossing $53.8 million is nothing to frown upon, but it did underachieve.

Night at the Museum 2 benefited from being the family film to see this weekend.  I’m sure the IMAX screenings helped as well.  The first Night at the Museum made about $30 million its opening 3-day weekend, so the sequel looks to be on its way to matching the $250 million total gross of the original.  Although, summer films tend to fade away much quicker than blockbuster films in December (when the first movie was released).

As for our predictions, Chris nailed Terminator Salvation’s gross, only $4 off from the studio estimate.  And I was close to Night at the Museum 2’s gross, only $5 off to the estimate.  On the other hand, we all predicted Terminator Salvation to win the box office.  None of us were bold enough to put Night at the Museum on top.  And I was the only one to correctly predict Star Trek to beat out Angels & Demons for the #3 spot.

Check back on Friday for our new predictions.  The new releases will surely add to this already great summer season of movies.  Sam Raimi returns to horror with Drag Me to Hell, and the film I’m extremely excited for is Up, Pixar’s newest film and first in 3-D.


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