Lost Reaction: “The Incident” (Season 5 Finale)

(S05E16-E17)  This season is up there for the running of best season with Season 1. Now I know a lot of people might not have loved the whole time travel angle to Season 5, but to me it was done so well and connected so many events from the past seasons that it would be stupid not to appreciate the great job that was done by the writers.

That being said, let’s get to it for the last time until 2010. We had a 2-hour season finale titled “The Incident” that left me excited and breathless. The very opening of the finale was enough to make the hair on my skin stand up.  Lost opened with one man sitting on the beach of the island and another man walking up to him.  We see the black rock ship out in the ocean nearby. The conversation that ensues had me clenching my teeth with excitement. I could copy the whole dialogue and probably write a 50-page paper on it, but I won’t do that. I just want to point out that we know one man was Jacob and the other wanted to kill Jacob.

For the rest of Part 1, Jacob visits each of the main characters of Lost and touches them in some way. Each of these scenes are extremely interesting because they are all vital points in each of the characters’ back-story/character development line. It boggles me that all along Lost has been saving these scenes for the purpose of using them later on in the series. One scene I want to point out was where Jack cuts some woman’s sac and has to count to five to calm himself. The fact that Jacob was there is interesting because this moment happens before he interacts with any of the other characters. This moment in Jack’s life is extremely early. This tells me that Jack was the first person Jacob chose to come to the island, which makes sense as to why he’s the main character of the show. He is the one who has been fighting destiny for so long, only to give into the idea of it, which might be the progression that Jacob refers to in the very beginning of the show.

So during 2007, Locke and crew are heading on their journey to find and kill Jacob. While in 1977, Sawyer, Kate, and Juliet get off the submarine and go back to try and stop Jack from detonating the bomb. On their journey they randomly bump into Vincent who brings them to Rose and Bernard. The conversation that Rose and Bernard have with them is really funny because in a way it represents a very realistic view about the show. They say something like “what is it with you guys, always doing stuff. This time it’s a bomb next it’s a nuke.” That is so funny because it’s true. The people on Lost are always caught up in something.  They never have time to just sit back and relax. I’m sure more stuff happens in part one that I missed, but I’m moving on to Part 2.

In the second part, Jack and Sawyer have the fight that’s been a long time coming. Sawyer wins! After being motivated to stop Jack, Kate decides to join him instead, on his quest to put the bomb in the drill hole. Juliet convinces Sawyer to go along with this plan as well. On the other side of the island, the people who lie in the shadow of the statue reveal what’s in the box to Frank and he joins them on their journey to meet up with the others. So Jack and company go and fight the Dharma people and get to the drill whole in time to drop the bomb.  As we watch the bomb fall into the darkness of the drill hole we wait for the explosion from “The Incident.”  BUT NOTHING HAPPENS!  So then the magnet stuff begins to suck every metal into the drill hole. Jack gets hit with a toolbox because he’s a tool. Then Juliet gets snagged on some chain and sucked into the hole, but of course Sawyer grabs her hand in time to save her.  But then he drops her in and she’s a goner… BUT WAIT!  She’s alive and at the bottom of the hole!

The episode flashes to the other side of the island and we get to see what’s in the box…its Locke’s body!  A chorus of WTF? was spoken in unison.  So who’s the guy in Locke’s body?  Turns out it’s the black haired guy from the beginning of Part 1.  The one who said he wanted to kill Jacob.  The one who has found a loophole on how to achieve his goal.  He convinced Ben to kill Jacob.  In Jacob’s place, beneath the foot, Ben stabs Jacob, but before Jacob dies he whispers, “They’re coming.”  Locke’s body kicks Jacob into the fire.  So then we flash back to 1977 and Juliet survived the fall and notices the bomb lying innocently next to her.  She slams a rock repeatedly into the bomb and finally sets it off.

WHITE LIGHT.  That is all we see when the bomb explodes.  If you stayed tuned, you got to see an eye opening up after the credits. Whose eye you ask?  How the hell should I know?  I have a guess that it’s Juliet and that means she’s alive.  When Jacob said “They’re coming” I think he’s referring to Jack and crew and that they are coming back to the present. The interesting thing to note is that the man in Locke’s body seemed scared of this for some reason.  I’ll be looking forward to what all this means in the time to come. There are a lot of things to think about but overall it was a great season finale. Lost rules my world, I hope it rules yours as well.

– Sheehan


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