Tweetle Dumb – The Week’s Worst Tweets


Angels & Monsters?  Really?  And maybe if he actually read Dan Brown’s Landgon novels, the athiest in him might enjoy them a bit.


Aside from the terrible spelling of “warching the simpsom movie”… this Twitter user openly enjoys animated genitals.


That is a hell of a list there.  Apparently this person took a 20 year-long hiatus watching movies from 1980 to now.


And I can’t believe how stupid this person is.  “Saving Sara Marshall”?  Seriously?  Irish Writer12 is nominated to the Hall of Shame.


Sure.  The movie that belongs in the same sentence as The Boondock Saints and The Bourne Ultimatum as some of the best action films in the past decade.  Worst movie in the last few years?  False.


And I needed the urban dictionary to translate this guy’s tweet.


You are a tool.


This was my favorite tweet of the week.  Hahahahaha.


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