The Weekly Top 5

1.  Dollhouse is renewed!!!! You heard correctly, folks.  Fox has given Dollhouse a second season of 13 episodes.  I know, I can’t believe it either.  Now we can all start thinking about what direction Joss Whedon will take for the next season.  Hmm… Ballard hunting Alpha.  The future of Victor?  Echo continues to remember.  And more info on the past relations between Topher and Whiskey?  Yes!

2.  Esquire has seen “The Road” and is raving about it.  If you haven’t read Cormac McCarthy’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel yet, well what are you waiting for?  Anyway, the movie was set to be released last year during Oscar season but was postponed for a later date (October 16).  Tom Chiarella from Esquire has seen it and has claimed it is “the most important movie of the year.”

Now, I’m excited to see this film, but this is a really bold statement to be making during this young stage of the year.  Could a comment like this even dig a grave for The Road?  Probably not, because this is only Tom Chiarella (who? exactly.).

3.  Did I mention that I’m super stoked to see Pixar’s “Up” yet? Well I am!  Opening the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, and already screened for a number of outlets… Up is already getting Best Picture buzz.  Yes, you heard me correctly, and frankly I am not one bit surprised.  Check what some people are saying about it.

4.  Esquire makes the list again with its “75 Movies Every Man Should See” feature.  The list is unranked and at least they admit it’s “utterly biased.”  Check it out.

5.  A New Celebrity Jeopardy on SNL.  This one is legendary.  If you haven’t done so already, watch it!  Heck, just watch it no matter what.

And just a few more bonus stories that I had to throw in here.  What can I say?  It was an exciting week.

“Blue Valentine” in production starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams.  I don’t know much about this film but it caught my attention because of the two leads and the independent drama’s plot:  “a couple whose relationship is jeopardized when they find themselves in different places in their lives.”  It doesn’t sound like much but pairing these two talented actors together in a potentially wide variety showcase of emotions should be a pleasure to watch.

A “Tomorrowland” movie? Yes, if “Tomorrowland” made you reminisce of the days when you went to Disney World and played with gizmors and gadgets that were supposedly “futuristic” then I’m not the only one.  I recall a younger self at Tomorrowland when they had automatic toilet flushers and faucets… and I was amazed!  Not to mention the soap-powder to wash my hands.  Anyway, this movie seems to have some legs now and will star Disney’s go-to-muscle-dude, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.


One Response to The Weekly Top 5

  1. Chubz says:

    After watching the SNL skit, Will Ferrell have won a little of my respect back.

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