Tweetle Dumb – The Week’s Worst Tweets


Okay, even though I never saw A Painted House, if your three worst movies you’ve ever seen in your entire life include Burn After Reading and Amelie, then either 1.  Those are the only three films you’ve ever watched or 2.  You simply don’t like good movies and rank How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days as your favorite movie.


If it takes a movie to realize you and your wife have something in common, something is wrong.


I don’t think the problem is watching movies on DVD.  The problem is you.


That is possible the strangest movie night line-up ever.  And I think this is a dude… Twilight, Bride Wars, and Marley and Me in one night?  Seriously?  I think you’re missing Brokeback Mountain and Milk on that list.


I was fortunate to discover the only person in the world who is counting down until the Night at the Museum opening.  Fortunate?  I meant dumbfounded.


I somehow believe this person is talking about a movie on the Summer Olympics.

street fighter

No comment.


This tweet was sent at 2 a.m. early Sunday morning.  I assure you this person was NOT the first person to tweet about Star Trek.  You lose.


Are you serious?  The movie Water Boy was made for you?


One Response to Tweetle Dumb – The Week’s Worst Tweets

  1. Danielle says:

    This feature is probably the greatest thing ever. The worst thing ever? KayakGirl. Well, let me revise that…worst PERSON ever. Who could hate Amelie and Burn After Reading? This person needs a lesson in taste.

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