The Weekly Top 5

1.  Christopher Nolan’s “Inception. So how does Christopher Nolan follow-up his insane success from The Dark Knight?  He has an incredible cast including Leonardo DiCaprio, Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page, Cillian Murphy, Michael Caine, Tom Hardy, and recently announced Ken Watanabe as the film’s villain.  What’s the movie about?  I’m not quite sure.  Some kind of sci-fi action film, but who cares?  This is Christopher Nolan we’re talking about.  Memento, Following, The Prestige, and of course the relaunch of the Batman franchise.  He’s on top of the world.  He can do anything he wants.

2.  The Whatever Works trailer.  I’m a Woody Allen fan so I cannot wait for his new comedy featuring the hilarious Larry David.  In addition, the movie stars Ed Begley Jr., Patricia Clarkson, Evan Rachel Wood, and Conleth Hill.  Sounds like a fantastic cast for a typical Woody Allen film set in New York.  And the trailer shows how much potential this film has for Woody Allen returning to comedy.

3.  A clip from Pixar’s upcoming film “Up” introducing Dug the dog.  Check out the short video on Hulu that certainly proves Dug will provide a number of laughs throughout the 3-D animated adventure from the masterminds in Pixar.

4.  David Slade talks smack about Twilight before taking the job as the director of the third installment, Eclipse?  He said something on the lines of rather being shot through the brain than watch Twilight.  He quickly does some damage control saying he was joking.

5.  Megan Fox Esquire video.  Must I say more?


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