Lost Reaction: Follow the Leader (S05E15)


Another week, another stellar episode. This week’s episode was a setup for the season finale coming up next week, but this is different than any other setup we’ve seen on the show.

So the episode starts off with Jack and Kate watching Faraday being killed, then they get captured and brought to The Others. Jack and Kate have a long discussion throughout the whole episode about why they are on the island right now, in 1977. Jack seems to thinks it’s their destiny that they are there in ’77 so that they can set the H-bomb off. This kind of makes sense because in order for all these events to take place in the past Jack and company need to do the things they are doing in ’77. If you didn’t follow that don’t worry, because I didn’t either.

Meanwhile in 2007, Locke is on a mission to expose The Others for what they really are, and to kill Jacob. I did  not see that coming and I don’t know how he can do that because I’m beginning to think Jacob doesn’t even exist. The interesting thing with Locke is how he knows so much about his new mission. He says that the island told him what to do, but when did that happen? And how much did the island really tell him? Also where has Christian been?  Not to mention Bernard and Rose. Did they just get written off? I hope they explain a lot in next week’s finale.

Getting back to Sawyer… him Juliette and Kate are on the submarine headed back to San Diego, or Ann Arbor or something like that. But we know that they don’t make it there because in the previews for next week’s episode, they are already back on the island. The season finale should prove to be very interesting. I can not wait to see it!

– Sheehan

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