Lost Reactions: S05E13 & S05E14

Okay. I missed a week so I will be making up for it here.  If you’re only interested in reading my reaction to this week’s episode, skip down to “The Variable.”


Some Like It Hoth

I call this reaction “Miles ahead of the pack.” This episode wasn’t one of my favorites, but it was still pretty good. It showed us the tale of Miles and how he came to be on the island. We get to see Miles’ whole life and how even from an early age, he can hear dead people talking. As Miles grew up, he must have enhanced his skills and gotten better at understanding the blurbs he hears and sees from dead people. Back on the island, Miles has to transport a dead body, whom he discovered died when his filling in his tooth pulled itself out of his mouth and through his skull. This is our first hint to the magnetic force later to be contained in the hatch.

The biggest thing about this episode for me is that we officially learn that Dr. Chang is the father of Miles. This was obvious, but it was cool to finally know for sure. This however means that Miles is alive at the same time baby Miles is alive. This is interesting to note because it continues to define Lost’s idea of time travel. Also the serial number that gets punched into the hatch is the same code that gets punched into the computer. Overall, it was an interesting episode but nothing huge happened and I’m sure the episode only served as information we will need for later on.


The Variable

I call this reaction “The best episode ever?”  This week’s episode blew me away. There is SO much that happened and I’m sure I’m going to miss something, but let’s get to it!

This episode we get to see Daniel Faraday’s whole life. We see Dan as a young boy, talking with his mom (Eloise Hawking) and we see her tell Dan that he doesn’t have time to play piano, he needs to focus on math because it’s his destiny. Dan starts to grow up, goes away to college and is visited by his mom on graduation day where we find out he got a grant from Charles Widmore.  Also, Dan’s mom gives him the notebook we’ve seen him carrying around on the island. The next flashback we see Dan sitting on his couch watching TV and he sees that Flight 815 has crashed and he’s crying. I don’t quite get why he’s crying.  The only  thing I can guess is that because he tested the time travel on himself he somehow knew that he knew the people on the plane, but just couldn’t remember it.

Then Widmore comes in the door and offers him the job to come work on the island and tells Dan that it will heal him, which we know that it does. So ultimately, Dan goes to the island to make his mom proud of him. That brings us to current storyline, which is also the furthest point in the time continuum. So Dan comes back to the island on the sub, tells Jack it’s not his destiny to be in the 70s, and goes with Miles to see Dr. Cheng. Dan tells Dr.Chang that Miles is his son. Dan does this in order to make sure that the Doctor does exactly what he’s supposed to do. Then Dan goes back and rallies Jack and Kate to take him to the hostiles where he can talk to his mom. Before they go to the hostiles, Dan tells little Charlotte to get on the sub, ensuring that she does everything exactly the same way to make the future turn out the same. Then Dan, Jack, and Kate talk about how to possibly change the course of time by blowing up the H-bomb that the hostiles have buried and diffusing the power of the island to prevent everything that’s ever happened.

It is in this conversation between the three that Dan pretty much sums up 3 seasons of Lost. I’m pulling it directly from the episode so I don’t misquote.

“In about four hours, the Dharma folks at the Swan site are going to drill into the ground and accidentally tap into a massive pocket of energy. The result of the release of this energy would be catastrophic. So, in order to contain it, they’re going to have to cement the entire area in, like Chernobyl. And this containment, the place they build over it, I believe you called it the hatch. The Swan hatch. Because of this one little accident, these people are going to spend the next 20 years keeping that energy at bay by pressing a button. A button that your friend Desmond will fail to push, and that will cause your plane, Oceanic 815 to crash on this island. And because your plane crashed, a freighter will be sent to this island. A freighter that I was on and Charlotte was on and so forth. This entire chain of events is going to start happening this afternoon. But, we can change that. I’ve studied relativistic physics my entire life. One thing emerged over and over. Can’t change the past, can’t do it. Whatever happened, happened. But then, I finally realized, I’ve been spending so much time on the constants that I forgot about the variables. Do you know what the variables in these equations are, Jack?”

So this conversation made me jump out of my chair and scream, “OH MAN!” Because it tied together everything in the nicest little package you could ask for and made it exciting at the same time. The possibility that they can change it all. Which I don’t think they can…but maybe, just maybe they can.

So Dan goes and finds the hostiles and holds a gun to Richard’s head, and then his mom shoots him in the back.  His dying words are, “You knew this would happen all along… I’m your son.” I saw something coming but I didn’t quite guess Dan was going to be shot by his mom.  That surprised the crap out of me. Mainly because for the first time in the history of Lost we weren’t left hanging. To explain: just before we flashed to the island we saw Desmond in the hospital and Dan’s mom came to see Penny.  She tells her she’ Dan’s mom. Then she goes outside and we see Widmore, who tells her he sacrificed his relationship with Penny for the island. Then Ms. Hawking slaps him on the face and says, “Don’t talk to me about sacrifice.” Leading us to believe she gave up a lot. Which we find out that her whole life she had groomed her son to be a tool by which she would kill. WOW! Oh yeah, we also hear that Widmore is Dan’s dad too… saw that one coming.

Until next week!

– Sheehan


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