Dollhouse: Haunted (S01E10)


Gosh darn, Dollhouse just keeps getting better.  I’m trying to separate myself from the show just in case Fox cancels it, but it’s almost impossible not to be drawn into this sci-fi world that Joss Whedon has created.  It will be a huge mistake to not allow Dollhouse to run a proper course by fleshing out its story through more than 12 or 13 episodes.  Fox, do the right thing and renew the show.

Anyway, the main story of “Haunted” deals with the murder mystery of Adelle DeWitt’s rich friend, Margaret.  Because she suspected something like this would happen, Margaret visited the Dollhouse earlier and had scans done so her personality was available in case she died.  So Margaret’s personality was imprinted into Echo and the search began.

Echo goes to the funeral and talks with Margaret’s family and husband, who all seem to have motives to be involved in her death.  But then one by one, they clear themselves and point the blame to someone else.

Meanwhile, back at the Dollhouse, newly appointed head of security, Langton, signs on to allow Topher engage in some diagnostic tests with an Active.  Boyd agrees to allow access and offers Sierra to Topher, but we find out that all he did was imprint her with a personality to be his best friend (or a personality of himself?).  They share the same tech-guy, geek talk and run around playing laser tag with each other.  It’s sort of endearing seeing Topher this way and the fact he never tries to use Sierra for sex made it more touching when it was revealed he does this once a year to celebrate his birthday.  When Langton and Ms. DeWitt discuss it later on in the episode, she sympathizes with him (probably because she’s been there and used Actives herself for her own pleasure).

The other side story is of Agent Ballard who now knows Mellie is a doll.  This creates a rift in their relationship and Mellie senses it and questions him about it.  Ballard takes a wine glass with Mellie’s prints on it and has a friend run them through the FBI system.  The result is a number of different identities to Mellie’s face for a moment, and then the computer screen goes blank with a message that zero results matched the prints.  Ballard now has a believer inside the force.

Back to the main story… after a number of turnarounds, the son of Margaret realizes that Echo has his mom’s imprinted personality.  He knows about the Dollhouse because he’s a client of the organization in Manhattan (I believe that’s what he said).  They hide when the husband is caught by Victor (sent by Langton) for doping steroids into Margaret’s precious horses.  Echo deduces that herself, Margaret, must’ve been given the same horse drug that caused her death.

After one more twist, which wasn’t a big surprise but the episode did handle the whole who-dun-it theme nicely, everything falls into place.  This episode had plenty of heart-warming moments between the recently deceased mother and her family.  It’s kind of wicked to think about providing life after death.  That’s the idea that is lingering in my mind after the episode concluded.

Don’t miss the next Dollhouse episode when Agent Ballard finally finds the Dollhouse!  Does it seem like Joss Whedon’s pushing things a bit too fast, anticipating a cancelation?  Nonetheless, next week’s episode will surely be exciting.


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