Box Office Results: Audiences go crazy for ‘Obsessed’

Studio Estimates (April 24-26):

1.  Obsessed – $28.5 million
2.  17 Again – $11.7 million
3.  Fighting – $11.4 million
4.  The Soloist – $9.7 million
5.  Earth – $8.6 million

So what was about this ‘Obsessed’ film that made everyone want to see it this weekend?  Who knows… maybe the Beyonce star-power, or maybe the psycho/suspense/thriller is something the teens want to see these days.  Whatever the reason, it destroyed the competition from the rest of the new releases.

The rest of the three new films were able to land in the Top 5, but all behind last weekend’s box office king, 17 Again.  The results for the #5 and #6 spots were extremely close.  Disney’s documentary Earth landed the fifth spot with an estimate of $8.55 million while the DreamWorks animated feature Monsters vs. Aliens grossed an estimate of $8.52 million.  Those two can very well be switched when the actual results come in.

As for our predictions, Phil was the only one to guess all five films on the Top 5, but unfortunately none were in the right order.  After tallying the results, my predictions were the closest to the results with Sheehan not too far behind.

Check back on Friday when the first week of May presents us with the first weekend of the Summer Blockbusters:  the romantic-comedy Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and X-Men Origins: Wolverine.


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