Top Ten Summer 2009 Films I Must See

10.  Terminator Salvation (May 21)


Christian Bale has built up quite an impressive resume with cult favorites like The Dark Knight, The Prestige, The Machinist, and American Psycho.  His next soon-to-be blockbuster hit is the fourth installment of the Terminator franchise.  Directed by McG (Charlie’s Angels), there is huge anticipation for this film.  Will it live up to expectation?

9.  Whatever Works (June 19 limited)


I am a huge Woody Allen fan, therefore it should be no surprise that his new film is on my list.  Woody Allen has a way with writing brilliant dialogue and getting stripped down and pure performances from his actors.  Here’s the catch:  throw Larry David into the mix of Woody Allen’s brilliance and the result should definitely be explosive.  I’m not exactly sure what the plot details are for the film, which is why this isn’t higher on the list.  But just the idea of Woody Allen and Larry David is making me salivate.

8.  Year One (June 19)


A comedy starring Jack Black and Michael Cera during the Stone Age?  I’m in.  No, I don’t need any more details about the plot.  As I scroll down the cast I see David Cross, Hank Azaria, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse involved.  All right, June 19… I’ll be there.

7.  The Hangover (June 5)


Okay, so here’s the plot:  In Las Vegas, three groomsmen wake up the morning after the bachelor party.  They don’t remember anything from the night before, half naked, and are bruised all over.  Oh, and the groom is missing.  Starring Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis, this movie has the potential of being hilarious.

6.  Angels & Demons (May 15)


The prequel to the best-selling novel and blockbuster hit, The Da Vinci Code, symbology hero Robert Langdon is at it once again.  Can the Oscar-winning team of Tom Hanks and Ron Howard do it again?  The Da Vinci code grossed $758 million worldwide, will “Angels & Demons” have the same results?

5.  (500) Days of Summer (July 17)


Here is a film that is set out to make an impact on the romantic-comedy genre.  Shown in a non-chronological order and having an independent artsy feel to it, this Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel movie will steal your heart.  I hope this film lives up to the hype it received at movie festivals.

4.  Inglorious Basterds (August 21)


Quentin Tarantino always makes headlines and his new movie is no different.  “Inglorious Basterds” boasts an impressive cast including Brad Pitt, Mike Myers, Eli Roth, and B.J. Novak.  During World War II, a group of Jewish-American soldiers known as “The Basterds” brutally kill Nazis.  Who wouldn’t want to watch that?  And with Tarantino behind the camera, you just know things are going to be extra gruesome.

3.  Funny People (July 31)


Judd Apatow has changed the genre of comedies ever since his break-out success, The 40 Year Old Virgin.  “Funny People” is his most recent film and I only have the highest expectations for it.  Starring Adam Sandler as a terminally ill stand-up comedian, he befriends and mentors a fellow comedian (played by Seth Rogen).  The subject matter is a lot more serious compared to his previous work, but there’s no doubt there will be a good amount of raunch and profanity.

2.  Up (May 29)


Pixar has done something extremely rare… in fact I don’t think it’s ever been done before.  Every one of Pixar’s 9 films have been booth critically acclaimed and box office hits.  They deserve all of the success they’ve received.  Is it too early to cast my prediction for Best Animated Feature?  “Up” will certainly be another gem added to the Pixar lineup.

1.  Public Enemies (July 1)


My most anticipated movie of the summer is Michael Mann’s “Public Enemies.”  Starring Johnny Depp as notorious American gangster, John Dillinger, this is going to be one bad-ass heist flick.  Expect a lot of guns, chases, and suspense.  Oh, did I also mention Christian Bale’s in the film too?  Yeah, that sort of book-ends the summer with Bale (along with this list).  Also, this seems like the only summer film to have the potential of stirring up some serious Oscar discussion.


6 Responses to Top Ten Summer 2009 Films I Must See

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  2. sheehan says:

    get that UP out of here, and hangover needs to be much higher, its going to be the funniest movie ever!

    • herculesrob says:

      Pixar is 9 for 9 with hits and you’re still doubting them? Tsk tsk. “Up” might not be marketable but it’ll be another animated classic.

  3. msho57 says:

    Can’t wait to see Public Enemies! Got to love Johnny Depp! Gorgeous guy and heck of an actor! There are alot of good actors but he is by far my favorite! So artistic and can play any part and make it work! Go for it Johnny! Never stop acting-your the best!

  4. […] Depp’s upcoming film heads another Top Ten Summer 2009 Films, according to Entertainment Blur, who wrote a little review: My most anticipated movie of the summer is Michael Mann’s “Public […]

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