The Weekly Top 5

1.  Joss Whedon:  What it will take for Dollhouse to survive.  In this Q&A article on Sci-Fi Wire, there’s some light shedding on the future of Dollhouse.  Personally, I’m a fan of the series and this is just great news.  After The Sarah Connors Chronicles is pretty much done, I only assumed that Dollhouse would follow.  But this breath of fresh air can put some ease on my shoulders until the final list of returning shows is released.

2.  News Update:  Guillermo Del Toro announces plans for the highly anticipated “The Hobbit” prequel to Lord of the Rings.  According to Empire Online, we now know that the initial plan to have a Hobbit movie and then an additional movie to bridge The Hobbit to Fellowship of the Ring is no more.  Now Del Toro and team will be working on expanding The Hobbit into two films.  This might mean there will be no gap film, but I still like to stay optimistic that the prequel will become a trilogy.  The first part of The Hobbit will be released in 2011 and the second a year later in 2012.

3.  Spring Awakening adapted to film? According to The Hollywood Reporter, Terminator Salvation director McG is in negotiations to direct and produce the Tony Award-winning rock musical.  Spring Awakening is one of my favorite Broadway musicals I’ve ever seen, so I really hope this all works out.  But I am intrigued by the selection of McG to be in charge of the project.

4.  Susan Boyle stuns judges and audience during Britain’s Got Talent.  If you haven’t already seen this (which is unlikely), do yourself a favor and watch it.

5.  Oprah joined Twitter on Friday during her show.  Her tweet: “HI TWITTERS. THANK YOU FOR A WARM WELCOME. FEELING REALLY 21st CENTURY.”  And in three days, Oprah currently has over 342,000 followers.  Not too bad.  Hey, while we’re on the subject, follow me on Twitter here.


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