Box Office Predictions (April 17-19)

17-again-poster crank-highvoltage state_of_play

How does Hollywood follow up Hannah Montana’s splash in the box office from last weekend?  With another teen sensation, Zac Efron, starring in 17 Again.  How does Hollywood follow up the masculine Fast & Furious craze?  With part two of the ridiculous over-the-top action Crank: High Voltage.  Oh, and there’s also a high profile, political thriller hitting the screens.

Let’s start out with 17 Again, or what I like to call it “Big in reverse.”  The plot goes something like this:  Mike O’Donnell (Matthew Perry) is a guy who wished he could go back to high school to do things differently, which would in turn change his current life.  He gets what he wished for and is now seventeen (Zac Efron).  Efron has shown he could pull his weight ever since the High School Musical franchise launched him into teen-stardom.  How will he do in a role where he can’t sing (unless there is singing, who knows)?  The PG-13 rating is also worth mentioning… it’s a step up from all the G-rated films all the kiddies go ga-ga over.  Will 17 Again have enough to top the box office?  Maybe.

I don’t know how many of you watched Crank, the Jason Statham action where he has to keep his heart-rate high enough or else he’ll die.  This resulted in some hilarious and entertaining scenes, but ended with him plummeting hundreds of feet in the air to the ground.  But guess what?  He’s alive and he’s back for Crank: High Voltage.  While Statham isn’t a huge box office draw, he’s one of the biggest actors for action films.  Will Crank be able to do what Fast & Furious did their opening weekend?  I doubt it.

Finally, the political thriller starring heavyweights Russell Crowe, Rachel McAdams, Helen Mirren, Ben Affleck, and Robin Wright Penn in State of Play.  The film revolves around a murder mystery and the involvement of politics and journalism.  This certainly suits the mature audience more than the usual mainstream, teenage audience this time of year.  But a film with this many big names that usually has critics crying out “Oscar!” must have its problems to have a mid-April release.  So far the critics’ response has been positive, but will that result in a big box office?  Probably not.

Here are our predictions:

My Predictions:

1.  17 Again – $25 million
2.  The Hannah Montana Movie – $16 million
3.  Fast & Furious – $14 million
4.  Monsters vs. Aliens – $12 million
5.  Crank: High Voltage – $11 million

Chris’ Predictions:

1.  17 Again – $25 million
2.  The Hannah Montana Movie – $23 million
3.  Fast & Furious – $18 million
4.  State of Play – $15 million
5.  Monsters vs. Aliens – $12 million

Sheehan’s Predictions:

1.  17 Again – $35 million
2.  Crank: High Voltage – $34 million
3.  State of Play – $33 million
4.  Fast & Furious – $10 million
5.  Observe and Report – $8 million

Phil was unable to send his predictions for this weekend.  It’s unanimous that 17 Again will win the box office, with a range from $25-$35 million.  Chris was the only one who believes not all three new releases will make the Top 5 (leaving out Crank: High Voltage).  Meanwhile, Sheehan believes any of the three new releases could easily snatch the #1 spot.  It should be an interesting weekend.  Come back Monday for the results.


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