Box Office Results: Hannah Montana beats out Fast & Furious

Studio Estimates (April 10-12):

1.  The Hannah Montana Movie – $34 million
2.  Fast & Furious – $28.8 million
3.  Monsters vs. Aliens – $22.6 million
4.  Observe and Report – $11.1 million
5.  Knowing – $6.7 million

8.  Dragonball Evolution – $4.7 million

And Hannah Montana comes through again.  It didn’t have the explosive opening weekend Fast & Furious had last week, but the Disney pop-sensation overcame adversity by climbing to the top of the box office with $34 million.  Fast & Furious brought in $28.8 million for its second weekend.  The Seth Rogen comedy, Observe and Report, grossed a mild $11 million despite mixed reviews from the critics.  And the other new release this weekend, Dragonball Evolution, failed to make the Top 5 with a pathetic $4.7 million.

Check back Friday when there are three new releases:  17 Again, Crank: High Voltage, and State of Play.


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