Lost Reaction: Dead is Dead (S05E12)


!!!!!  That’s what I said after the latest episode of Lost. Yes I was completely speechless. I honestly don’t think I have enough time in the world to write a response to last night’s episode because I could analyze that episode for years. But let’s try and keep it to a couple paragraphs shall we?

Okay, so Ben has always been such an interesting character to me. His layers are vast and extremely confusing. But we got to see some vital back-story from Ben this week. We seem him as a boy and how he is introduced to Charles Widmore. Although we still don’t know exactly how Ben was healed or why his memory was whipped clean, it almost doesn’t matter because it was and we just have to accept that. So little Ben grows up and is given a mission to kill Rousseau but instead of killing her he kidnaps her baby (Alex) and takes the baby back to camp. In this scene between Widmore and Ben we see a side of Ben that we never saw before, which is a very compassionate side. Ben not only decides to save the baby, but also puts his own neck out to keep the baby alive when he dares Widmore to kill the baby. This is a huge moment for Ben because he is standing up to the leader and defying orders to keep a little girl alive. Somehow through this Ben becomes the leader to the others and Widmore is handcuffed and forced to go back to the real world. Then as we know a while later, Widmore sends some military people in to kill Alex, therein breaking the rules. Ben seeks revenge by leaving the island to kill Penny, but doesn’t do it when he finds out she has a child and then Desmond kicks the shit out of him.

So Ben heads back to the island, gets knocked out by Sun, wakes up to find none other than Dead Locke alive and well. It’s now Ben’s mission to follow Locke and go seek out the monster so Ben can be “judged.” We get to see the monster’s lair (which is awesome!) then we see Ben being engulfed by the monster and it shows his daughter dying. Then his daughter appears and tells him to follow Locke’s every move. And that pretty much ends the episode.

A few other things worth thinking about:  Why does the chick who was running with the now dead Cesar have guns?  What’s in the case she’s carrying?  And what the hell lies in the shadow of the statue?

Also if we know now that this monster can show people things, what did it show Locke originally when he confronted it face to face?

And the fact that the monster tells Ben to follow Locke only furthers the idea I had that…. Locke is the main character of the whole show. Why? I don’t know…THIRD BASE! Until next week…

– Sheehan


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