Box Office Results: Fast & Furious speeds to the top

Studio Estimates (April 3-5):

1.  Fast & Furious – $72.5 million
2.  Monsters vs. Aliens – $33.5 million
3.  The Haunting in Connecticut – $9.6 million
4.  Knowing – $8.1 million
5.  I Love You, Man – $7.9 million

6.  Adventureland – $6 million

So it was almost unanimous among the Predictions Panel that Fast & Furious would win the box office, but we didn’t predict an enormous $72.5 million weekend gross.  This is the biggest debut for an opening weekend in April ever (the previous biggest opening weekend was Anger Management with $42 million).  The other new release this weekend, Adventureland, failed to place in the Top 5 with only a $6 million gross. It was definitely a tough sell but I really thought that a strong word of mouth and good reviews would persuade some people away from Fast & Furious… guess I was wrong.

Let’s see who had the most accurate predictions.  Chris, again, showed us that his lack of research on upcoming movies resulted in a disaster.  Phil’s predictions weren’t too bad, but his big fault was giving Adventureland too much credit with a $19 million guess.  It came down to Sheehan and myself for the weekend’s best predictions.  Although Sheehan guessed the rankings of the movies better than I did (4 of the Top 5 in correct order), his gross predictions were off by $46 million to my $35 million.  I guess we can say we tied.

Check back on Friday for our new predictions.  There are three new releases, all with great potential:  Dragonball Evolution, Hannah Montana The Movie, and Observe and Report.


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