Box Office Predictions (April 3-5)

fastfurious adventureland

Howdy to all you movie watchers!  Bringing in the month of April are two new releases coming to a theater near you (maybe).  First it’s Universal Studio’s fourth installment to the franchise, Fast & Furious, which reunites the original cast!  Are you excited? (I’m not)  But if you don’t have an appetite for speed and Vin Diesel’s bald head, the 80’s theme park teen-comedy, Adventureland, opens this weekend as well.

First, Fast & Furious. I remember the first film starring Paul Walker and Vin Diesel with some kick-ass chicks like Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster… heck, I enjoyed it.  It was fast-pace fun for everyone.  But then 2 Fast 2 Furious came out, then Tokyo Drift, and this franchise just seemed like another never-ending Saw or Shrek series.  But what this four-quel has that the last two didn’t… star power in Vin Diesel.  Though he’s not the most bankable actor in the action genre, whenever I think of him I see him driving a really fast car in Fast and the Furious (or getting shot by a sniper in Saving Private Ryan).  I think the film will do well this weekend, most likely it will secure the #1 spot.

And then there’s Greg Mottola’s follow-up to the extremely popular Superbad, with Adventureland – a coming of age, quirky, teen-comedy set in an 1980’s theme park.  Starring Jesse Eisenberg (who?  He’s the kid from The Squid and the Whale.  You still might be saying ‘who?’ and I cannot think of anything else he’s been in) and Kristen Stewart (who?  You know… Bella from that freakishly popular teen-romance vampire flick, Twilight), Mottola seems like he’s trying to capture the adolescent chaos all over again.  Though critics are saying it’s more ‘John Hughes-like’ than a Judd Apatow production, that just means it’ll have more of a boy-girl story and less raunch… although it is Rated-R so I expect the profanity and underage drinking to be constant.  Nonetheless, only opening in 1,862 theaters will hurt the chances of Adventureland to crack the Top 5.

Here are our predictions:

My Predictions:

1.  Fast & Furious – $42 million
2.  Monsters vs. Aliens – $32 million
3.  The Haunting in Connecticut – $10 million
4.  I Love You, Man – $8 million
5.  Adventureland – $8 million

Chris’ Predictions:

1.  Monsters vs. Aliens – $30 million
2.  Fast & Furious – $23 million
3.  The Haunting in Connecticut – $17 million
4.  Adventureland – $15 million
5.  Knowing – $11 million

Phil’s Predictions:

1.  Fast & Furious – $35 million
2.  Monsters vs. Aliens – $25 million
3.  Adventureland – $19 million
4.  The Haunting in Connecticut – $10 million
5.  Knowing – $5 million

Sheehan’s Predictions:

1.  Fast & Furious – $37 million
2.  Monsters vs. Aliens – $32 million
3.  The Haunting in Connecticut – $12 million
4.  Knowing – $11 million
5.  Adventureland – $9 million

The Predictions Panel has spoken with the majority saying that Fast & Furious will grab the box office crown this weekend (with a range from $35-$42 million).  Chris has a hunch that Monsters vs. Aliens will have a strong second weekend and that Fast & Furious will flop.  Other than that, we all are in agreement that Adventureland will crack the Top 5 even though it’s opening in less than 2,000 theaters with an R-rating for a teen movie with no big stars.  That’s a hard sell, but we have faith.  Finally, everyone except for myself has Knowing staying in the Top 5 while I’m giving the edge to I Love  You, Man.

Let’s see how our predictions hold up.  Check back Monday for the results.

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  1. My friend on Orkut shared this link with me and I’m not dissapointed at all that I came to your blog.

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