Lost Reaction: ‘What Ever Happened, Happened’ (S05E11)


This week’s episode might have been one of the most entertaining episodes yet. I say that because as far as I can remember, there hasn’t been one single episode that has had as much character development as this one had (this might be a very long post so brace yourself).

So the show starts out with Kate in LA.  She has little baby Aaron and they go to meet Sawyer’s ex and Clementine (his daughter). Immediately, we find out that this is what Sawyer whispered to Kate on the helicopter before he jumped off. Then we get to see where Kate was spending all her time when she was with Jack and what essentially led to her and Jack breaking up.  It’s interesting to think that Kate helped raise Sawyer’s daughter because she felt bad how Sawyer left his daughter.  Whatever the reason is, it fascinates me.

Flash back to the island. Hugo and Ghost Whisperer, a.k.a. Miles, are having a conversation about the time traveling. This conversation is awesome because it helps explain everything that is going on and provides clarity to how things are going.  I’m going to skip a bit here to the second part of their conversation about time traveling, where Hugo asks the most important question on my mind: “Like when we first captured Ben, and Sayid, like, tortured him, then why wouldn’t he remember getting shot by that same guy when he was a kid?” Miles thinks a moment and says, “Huh. I hadn’t thought of that.”  This is the main thing I was wondering about. They answer it in the same episode at the very end, (which I’ll say here…so skip this and come back if you want) where the bring little Ben to Richard. “If I take him, he’s not ever going to be the same again.” “What do you mean by that?” Kate asks. “What I mean is, he’ll forget this ever happened and his innocence will be gone. He will always be one of us. You still want me to take him?”   This interchange between Kate and Richard is very interesting. What does he mean by saying his innocence will be gone?  WTF is going on? And why does Kate agree to this so easily?  The episode leads us to believe it’s because she thinks of him as a boy who deserves to live, but I think it’s because Kate feels helpless about changing the future. She can only control what’s happening now so she chooses to save his life knowing full well what he will become.

So going back a bit… Tiny Ben is bleeding to death and Kate asks Jack for help. Jack is not willing, which came as a shock to me.  Jack’s reasoning was that he spent all his time trying to change the way things were, when maybe the whole time the island didn’t want him interfering. This makes sense to me.  Leaving was the wrong choice but we really don’t know why yet, and neither does he. So Jack doesn’t help, but on top of that he basically tells Kate to go (expletive) herself when he says “You didn’t like the old me.” We can see that Jack has changed or is at least trying to be something different.

Kate decides to bring little Ben to the Others in order to save his life.  Juliet helps her get in a van and allows her to go. Then Juliet talks to Jack and asks him why he came back to the island.  She’s basically asking if Jack is still in love with her.  Well he’s not but it looked like she might still have feelings for him.  After, Juliet tells Sawyer to go help Kate with Ben. We find out that Sawyer is doing this for Juliet, which means he’s completely over Kate and completely in love with Juliet.  As Kate and Sawyer cross the border into the land of the Others, they talk about Clementine and we get to see that Sawyer really has changed over the past three years.

So a lot went down.  To recap, we found out that Jack is a dick, Kate is a saint, Julie has feelings for Jack (in my opinion), Sawyer has grown up, and we saw how Ben gets to be the way he is.

– Sheehan


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