DVDs Gone Wrong (Let the Right One In and Slumdog Millionaire)


I, along with many others, have recently experienced major problems with DVD releases.  First starting with the Swedish vampire-flick that received tremendous acclaim, Let the Right One In.  Only out in a limited release, not too many people got to see this movie in the theaters that was praised as being one of the best films of the year.  So when the DVD came out, everyone jumped at the chance to watch this incredibly hyped movie.  And what happened?  Apparently Magnolia/Magnet changed the theatrical subtitles for ones they commissioned on their own.  The result:  Lots of angry fans and critics.  The switch has been said to lack the dark humor and subtleties that made the film so memorable.  Read more about it here…


Magnolia/Magnet are fixing the problem saying they’re re-releasing the DVD with the theatrical subtitles.  So make sure, before you buy Let the Right One In, to check the back at the small tech specs box where it should say “SUBTITLES: ENGLISH (Theatrical), SPANISH.”


Now for the most recent unfortunate experience.  I purchased the Slumdog Millionaire DVD from Target yesterday.  I popped the DVD in to check out the specials features, since I had to leave for work in an hour, and to my surprise there weren’t any.  I really didn’t think much of it until this morning when I ran into this post:


Basically, 20th Century Fox had this idea to release DVDs with no special features to rental outlets while encouraging consumers to purchase the DVDs that have the special features included.  Well, there there was a manufacturing and shipping mistake and a number of places, including Amazon.com and Target (where I purchased my DVD), received a shipment of rental DVDs with no special features.

Fox announced that whoever purchased a DVD without subtitles to call the hotline: 1-888-223-4FOX and then they’ll send you the corrected disc.  Have the DVD box and DVD available because they ask you questions to confirm you have the wrong version.

But just think… if Amazon and Target received the wrong shipments, how many others messed up?  This is surely costing Fox a good chump of change to send consumers DVDs all over the country.  Someone’s getting fired…


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