Box Office Results: Monsters/Aliens rule the movie universe

Studio Estimates for March 27-29:

1.  Monsters vs. Aliens – $58.2 million
2.  The Haunting in Connecticut – $23 million
3.  Knowing – $14.7 million
4.  I Love You, Man – $12.6 million
5.  Duplicity – $7.6 million

7.  12 Rounds – $5.3 million

Like no surprise, Monsters vs. Aliens won the box office this weekend with an impressive $58.2 million.  The steeper 3D tickets surely played a part with its gross, but this family film plus good reviews is always an equation that equals success.

The newly released horror film, The Haunting in Connecticut, took the runner-up spot with $23 million… more than any of us predicted.  I, for one, was surprised by how many people keep going to see these teen horrors.  It’s an endless parade of supernatural, ghost stories or slasher films that are cheap to produce and easy to attract the teen demographic.  Heck, kids still like to get scared.

Last weekend’s three releases remained in the Top 5 for a second straight week, which means the John Cena action film, 12 Rounds, failed to impress and only made $5.3 million (good enough for the #7 spot).

As for our predictions, we did pretty well.  Everyone, aside from Phil, guessed the films in the Top 5.  Chris ate his predictions by not giving Monsters vs. Aliens the respect it deserved.  Sheehan’s predictions were only off by $23 million while mine were only off by $21 million.  So I think overall, the Predictions Panel did a fairly good job this weekend.

Check back on Friday for our new predictions.  There are 2 films coming out:  Greg Mottola’s follow up from his super-hit (Superbad) with the John Hughes-esque Adventureland… and the return of Vin Deisel to the Fast and the Furious franchise.


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