Lost Reaction: He’s Our You (S05E10)


This is classic Lost at its best! This episode reminded me what the flashbacks are supposed to be about. What’s that you ask? Character development. When we get to see into the past and the choices the characters have made in their lives, it opens up new doors to who we thought they were. Sayid has always been one of the more dynamic characters on the show and in “He’s Our You” we got to see him at many points through his life. We get to see him as a child who kills a chicken without hesitation, we got to see him as a killer with no goal while working for Ben, then as a man who’s given up on life and just works building houses, then finally we get to see a real interesting side of Sayid…a vulnerable side. This is when he gets taken advantage of and captured by a bounty hunter.

The whole episode is about a man, who throughout the whole show has really been in control of everything around him, loosing that control. He has to play into destiny. His destiny to be on the island. So in the current time we see Sayid captured and has to play along so as not to blow the cover on what Sawyer’s got going on. Some interesting stuff happens but let’s jump to the main point…the end…the shooting of little Ben Linus.

I did not see that coming! I should have, but I didn’t. Moving along, it sucks that we all know that little Ben isn’t dead. You may be asking yourself, how do we know this? Well we know it because we see Ben all grown up, and the laws of time travel say no matter what you do in the past you can not change the future, because what ever you do/or don’t do, you’ve already done or not done. Get it?  Sayid doesn’t know this, but this action makes complete sense in the evolution of Ben because Ben trusts no one. Ben trusted Sayid and got shot, lesson learned. It will be interesting to see what happens to Sayid and how little Ben survives. Tune in next week to see!

– Sheehan


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