Lost Reaction: “Namaste” (S05E09)


I needed to sit on this episode for a little bit. I’m just not quite sure what to make of it.

What I do know?  It was awesome!  I love that we didn’t have to wait more than three episodes to find out what happened to Frank and his plane full of people. But them landing on the other island is interesting.  What will they find on their island?  Well we know they find Christian and he’s in a Dharma place with pictures of all the years’ inductees into the initiative. WTF?  I am baffled by this.  I think Christian is alive and has been since the plane crash just like what happened with Locke, but how is he always in the right place at the right time to confuse the shit out of me.

Meanwhile, where the hell is Faraday? Did he get zapped into another time/dimension? Or did he die? Or did he just leave the island? I’d like to think that he is (somehow) Jacob, and that he has transformed into this invisible being that likes to rock in his chair and move cabins around on the island… just kidding.

So next week looks like it’ll be an interesting episode.  I imagine that Sayid gets loose and has to continue pretending he’s a hostile/other.  It should be fun to see what happens.

– Sheehan


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