Dollhouse: “True Believer” (S01E05)


After watching the fifth episode of Dollhouse, I am completely ready for the highly buzzed sixth episode, “Where It All Comes Together.”  Everything is in motion, the Actives are coming alive, every character has stood their ground with how they feel about the Dollhouse, Ballard’s getting closer to finally cracking in… it’s time to get nasty.

Anyway, during “True Believer” Echo was imprinted with a blind woman’s past, seeking salvation from a cult village in Arizona.  There the cult leader/ex-con named Jonas Sparrow has set camp and a Senator needs Sparrow to be brought down.  The Senator cannot trust an FBI agent as Sparrow is too keen and will detect a mole.  So while Echo is now blind, she’s also carrying cameras planted in her eyes to give ATF agents an inside look to retrieve a warrant and to bring down Sparrow.

Meanwhile, Agent Ballard continues to search for Echo and the mysterious Dollhouse.  He discovers that someone is feeding him pictures and videos of Echo (or Caroline).  Also, he was hot on Echo’s heels when he spotted her on a news broadcast of the downfall of the cult village, only to be turned away by the ATF.  Tough break.

The episode opened out eyes to more subtleties about the flawed imprinting and wiping of Actives.  Victor has been experiencing “man reactions” when he showers with Sierra.  Claire stressed that an Active shouldn’t be imprinted with the same identity continuously was the reason… but it all just goes back to how the wiping isn’t as effective as it should be.

And as almost every conclusion expressed how Echo is behaving erratic as Alpha did before he went on his killing spree, the final shot showed a recently-wiped Echo staring down at Laurence Dominic, who earlier in the episode tried to kill her.  She seems to now be aware of his presence and his intentions more clearly.

Overall, a very good episode.  This one held my attention throughout as it played the Jonestown-like cult story, which always intrigued me.  And not to mention a number of Whedon-esque humurous one-liners throughout, and mostly from Topher.  Again, I cannot wait for episode 6.


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