Review: My Sassy Girl (2008)

My Sassy Girl (2008)
92 minutes
Rated PG-13
Directed by Yann Samuell
Starring:  Elisha Cuthbert, Jesse Bradford


Grade:  B-

Based on the popular and acclaimed Korean film of the same title, the American remake of My Sassy Girl went straight to DVD although I think it could’ve done decent in the box office if marketed well… though this is Fox we’re talking about.  Starring Elisha Cuthbert and Jesse Bradford as the two romantic leads, their performances weren’t awful but nothing special.  What truly gave this movie its power was the story.

This emotional roller coaster between a couple had its gimmicks… you just had to wait a while to notice it.  Charlie (Bradford) is your hard-working, intelligent, bland male who is all about business and had his life planned out since he was a kid.  Enter Jordan (Cuthbert), an outgoing, opinionated, sassy girl who is living her life freely and without responsibility.  When these two meet, sparks fly.  They’re the epitome of ‘opposites attract.’

While the first hour was a montage of stories I’ve seen dozens of times before, the film did something in the third act that made it change from completely cliche to refreshing and slightly surprising.   Of course I will not reveal the major plot points, but I was pleasantly content with the film after the conclusion.  It had a whole layer underneath the romantic comedy genre that didn’t surface until the memorable departure scene. It was especially enjoyable to me because when I actually question how a rom-com is going to end, that’s a sign I’m really invested in the storyline.

Overall, there were a lot of missteps throughout that gave good reason why it didn’t have a theatrical run.  But the story was good and if it was given a fair chance by the studio, I think this could’ve been a surprise hit at the box office.  I guess I have to watch the original for a really moving experience.

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