Lost Reaction: “Lafleur” (S0508)


Dharma Dharma Dharma!  So this past week’s episode wasn’t the greatest, but it was necessary. They had to fill the gap and explain what Sawyer’s group had been up to. We got some good information, like how long they were stuck in the 70’s for and how it came to be they were working for Dharma.  The most interesting thing to me was that babies can be born, meaning whatever makes babies’ mothers die hasn’t happened yet.  So maybe we will get to see what that is in the near future.  One thing I didn’t understand was why did the hostiles want Paul’s dead body?  I’m sure we will find out soon enough. And what was all that business about searching quadrants?  And what were they looking for?

It seems to me that Sawyer is over Kate because when he saw her again he didn’t smile.  I like that direction for the show, which means Jack and Kate can end up together and I’m all for that.  I wish I had more to say but this episode was just playing catch up to get us all on the same page for what’s to come…and man I can’t wait to see what’s to come!  I’ll be back in two weeks.

– Sheehan


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