Why the Jonas Brothers flopped this weekend

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Over the weekend I glanced at the showdown from Box Office Mojo between the Hannah Montana Concert movie and the past weekend’s flop, the Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Experience.  It was interesting to me because I wouldn’t have guessed there was such a gap between the two.  I mean, come on now… they’re both tween pop stars who dictate to the same demographic.  So why did Hannah Montana kick major ass in the box office while the Jonas Brothers’ result was very disappointing?

Here are the numbers.  The Hannah Montana Concert in theaters grossed over $31 million its opening weekend while the Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Experience struggled to a $12.5 million gross.  The reason?  Here’s what I came up with…

First off, marketing.  Remember the whole craze that Hannah Montana was only going to be in movies for one week?  And I believe this was during the peak of Miley Cyrus’ popularity nonetheless… so fans and parents went crazy trying to secure a ticket as much as paying triple on ebay for actual concert tickets.  Also remember, the Hannah Montana theater concert was only available in 683 theaters nationwide (which is about half of what the Jonas Brothers opened to this weekend).  So to avoid temper tantrums, parents were forced to chauffer their little ones to see Hannah Montana opening weekend.  And we all know the backlash from parents after that.  The success made Disney salivate and extended the supposedly “one week only” release to an actual traditional movie release of 15 weeks.

This might seem obvious, but the Jonas Brothers just aren’t as popular as Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana.  I guess it’s hard for the brothers to compare with TV-star with a father of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus.  But I mean, they had their chance.  Camp Rock was a success, no?  Though maybe it launched the careers of Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez more than slingshotting the Jonas Brothers to pop icon status.  But what the hell do I know?  I don’t watch the Disney Channel.  I couldn’t name you a song from the Jonas Brothers or Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus… even if $1 million was on the line.  Does that mean I’m closed minded to the popular culture of the younger generation?  Or is it simply that I don’t find the overwhelming cheesiness and silly content of that type of entertainment to be fulfilling?

Looking back at the Box Office Mojo showdown chart, in addition to comparing Hannah Montana with the Jonas Brothers box office results, they also listed The Lizzie McGuire Movie and High School Musical 3, both Disney products who ran a successful stint at the box office.  The Lizzie McGuire film opened with $17.3 million while HSM 3 opened with $42 million.  All right, we all know what kind of phenomenon High School Musical was… but are the Jonas Brothers really not as famous as Hilary Duff?  Maybe I need to have a conversation with a 7th grade class to understand the disastrous Jonas Brothers weekend.  Not that I would ever do that though… that would be a bit creepy.

Okay, that’s enough of everything.  What can we look forward to in the Disney world?  The reincarnation of the 2-D animations maybe?  Anything that will slow down this 3-D craze, please.


5 Responses to Why the Jonas Brothers flopped this weekend

  1. Mesha says:

    Sammi Hanratty did a JJJ exclusive and she said Nick was the only Jonas Brothers at Selena birthday party.

  2. Xenobia4 says:

    Well…I think that if they would have released back in 2008, it would have been huge. But a lot of people aren’t really fans anymore.

    At least…the people I knew that were now aren’t (I’m an example). Plus, the economy’s crap and most people aren’t wanting to spend money on anything. I hear haircuts and movies are the two things that have suffered a flop. That and CD sales for artists.

    Ya know, even the biggest artists aren’t selling nearly as many CDs as they have been.

    • herculesrob says:

      Sure, the economy’s in a rut and I do not know about how the CD sales are doing… but I can tell you that whatever you heard about movies suffering during these times is completely false. The year of 2009 is off to a record-breaking start and the movie business is up 14%. Just letting you know.

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