Lost Reaction: “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham” (S05E07)

Locke stock and two smoking time zones. Another great episode of Lost… that’s two in a row. This episode was completely dedicated to Mr. John Locke, and I’m beginning to think that the whole plot line for the show is driven by Locke’s character.

In this episode we get to see what happened when Locke went back to the mother land. He tried to get people to come back to the island, unsuccessfully mind you. The whole time, Locke is being driven around by the creepy guy form way back in the day at his hospital. Basically, Widmore gives Locke info on how to find everyone, then Ben kills the creepy guy, Locke gets scared and crashes his car. Locke wakes up to none other then Jack treating him in the hospital. Locke tries to convince him to come back to the island, and that his father says hello. Jack flips out at Locke and leaves the room, which results in Locke attempting to kill himself when Locke is alone in his hotel room. All of a sudden Ben bursts in and stops him…then instead kills Locke when his back is turned?

WTF?  Why not just let him kill himself, I do not get it. Anyway Locke ends up alive again, back on the island!!! WOOO HOOO!  So I think this means Jack’s father is somehow alive as well. We have two different times going on, Locke, etc. in one, and Jack, etc. in the other. We don’t know where Sayid is yet, and also I’m assuming Sun took off in a rowboat with the pilot, Lapidus. Very interesting…can not wait till next week!

– Sheehan


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