Lost Reaction: “316” (S05E06)

The BEST EPISODE OF THE SEASON!!!! You heard me right. What an episode, just simply…awesome!  The show starts off with a bang:  we see Jack, Hurley and Kate back on the island (it’s about time). The whole episode revolves around how they got there and we get to see who willingly got on the plane and who happened to be there by chance. 

So let’s start with who were willing… Jack, Sun, Ben, and Locke (yes he is dead but he definitely wanted to be on that plane back to the island and I don’t care what you say about it).  At least that’s what we know up until this current episode, which we find out Kate wants to go now for some reason presumably because she either gave Aaron away or Aaron was taken form her.  We also see Hugo a go go, on the plane with Charlie’s guitar (we don’t know that to be 100% true but let’s assume) and we don’t know why he got on the plane but he definitely wants to be there.  Sayid is there in handcuffs which is very reminiscent of Kate when she first took the flight, and we also have a clean shaved Pilot who happened to be there by chance.  Let’s not fail to mention the mysterious Iranian or possibly Afghani person who appears on the episode and is the only other flight attendee in the front of the plane (aka not the tail end which never made it to the island). 

So to wrap up the whole episode we know Jack took a leap of faith and was rewarded when he woke up (I almost forgot to mention the flash bringing them to the island, and not a crash…which I don’t get) on the island. Finally, we see Jin dressed in a Dharma Initiative jumpsuit driving a mint Dharma Van.  SWEET! I don’t know how they all got on the plane and I almost don’t care…they are back!!!! I’m sure we will get to see how they all decided to get on the plane and what time they are in within the next two episodes, but man oh man was that a great episode.


 – Sheehan


One Response to Lost Reaction: “316” (S05E06)

  1. Name Required says:

    Lost is awesome, and i agree that was a pretty good episode. Do you think Sun and Sayid actually made it to the island though?

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