Box Office Results: Jason cuts down the competition

Studio Estimates:

1.  Friday the 13th – $42.7 million
2.  He’s Just Not That Into You – $19.6 million
3.  Taken – $19 million
4.  Confessions of a Shopaholic – $15 million
5.  Coraline – $14.8 million

So Friday the 13th brought out all the horror fans this weekend and surprised Chris and I tremendously (Chris a lot more because he omitted the film entirely on his Top 5).  Overall, the box office did better than we predicted.  Taken grossed $19 million, just 7.5% down from last weekend and Coraline grossed $14.8 million for a solid second weekend.  Other notes, The International debuted with $9.4 million for 7th place.

Check back on Friday for our new predictions.  There will be two new releases:  Fired Up and Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail.  Uh oh, Tyler Perry’s back… let’s see how much damage he can do.


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