Who wants to stop the ‘Slumdog Millionaire’?


It’s been years since a movie was guaranteed a Best Picture winner way before the Oscars ceremony.  Lord of the Rings: Return of the King was the last film to have as much pre-Oscar success as Slumdog Millionaire is enjoying right now.  It’s been a common thread around the movie world… can anything stop Slumdog Millionaire.

Even if Danny Boyle held a press conference and said how every member of the Academy are a bunch of snobs who know nothing about film-making and are a bunch of amateurs… Slumdog Millionaire would still win.  Even if Dev Patel goes on all of the late night talk shows and dishes out dirt about how the film is completely inaccurate about India and the movie is just a glamorized melodrama with no depth or meaning… Slumdog Millionaire would still win.  Even if Freida Pinto crashes a party, gets kicked out, steals a limo, gets involved in a high speed chase, and then creates an eighty car pile-up in front of the White House… Slumdog Millionaire would still win.  Their theme song should be Jefferson Starship’s “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now.”

Some critics and Oscar analysts are trying to make a case that the door isn’t entirely closed yet, but they’re just kidding themselves.  They just want the race to be a lot closer than it is, and therefore they’re looking at every possible detail to provide an alternate result for this year’s Best Picture.  Most of these articles include The Reader as a serious contender that could upset Slumdog on February 22.  Honestly, I’m not buying it.  Even if the Weinstein Company is as great as Entertainment Weekly claims, and even if the film is this year’s only masterpiece that has the chance to last decades and still be remembered… this is Slumdog’s award.  It won the BAFTA, WGA, DGA, PGA, SAG, Golden Globe… are people really trying to convince me it’s not going to win the Oscar?

Maybe people are just baffled at the success of Slumdog Millionaire, that they’re offering a different path the Academy could take.  I mean, I find myself scratching my head at how the awards season shaped up.  Films like American Beauty and Lord of the Rings, they’re masterpieces and favorites among fans and critics.  In a year of plenty of great films, it just seems a little off (in my opinion) that Slumdog Millionaire’s obliterating the competition.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved Slumdog and it was easily one of the best films of the entire year… but to throw Slumdog Millionaire in the same company of Lord of the Rings and American Beauty… really?  I guess so.


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