Lost Reaction (S05E05)

Holy Shitballs!  What an episode that was. First we get to see the smoke monster back in action! YES!!!!! Smokie’s tearing up people left and right and man is it sweet. That really wrapped up the whole Roussaue story-line in a nice little package, which was very cool indeed. We find out that Charlotte has been on the island before and had met Faraday. Locke makes it back to the wheel and puts it back on track. But he meets Christian and he tells us pretty much that Locke had to turn the wheel in the first place, and that’s why everything got screwed up… that makes sense. (does it really though?) Sun joins up with Jack and Ben, and then Desmond pops out from behind a tree and goes in to meet Farady’s mom, who we all knew was going to be the old hoodie witch. That was some episode, I loved every minute of it.  A couple notes though, first off how come Roussaue never recognized Jin, or did they never meet I can’t remember. Secondly, why is Faraday going to tell young Charlotte not to come to the island, when we all know It’s going to happen anyway? Third, why is the hoodie witch not surprised Desmond is there??  Finally, when are we going to see Smokie again?

– Sheehan


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