Neil Patrick Harris as The Flash?


Screen Rant reports that there’s a rumor that the almighty Neil Patrick Harris is being pursued to play The Flash in a movie adaptation of the DC comic book superhero.

We all know that every single superhero will have its own movie sooner or later, so why not The Flash?  The selection of NPH for The Flash could be either brilliant or devastating… there is no in-between.  While I would love to see NPH take his stardom even further to lead as The Flash, I really cannot picture it going well.  NPH has a certain charisma and personality that everyone already knows, and most important of all he’s a TV-icon, not a movie star.  There is a difference.

The report declares to not get any hopes up  because the project to adapt The Flash on the silver screen has been “on again, off again and now on again.”  But I’m sorry but I did get a tad excited… not at the mention of a movie about The Flash, but about a possible NPH movie spot.  Is  NPH actually more famous than The Flash?  Is there anyone else who has taken the world by comedic storm other than NPH recently?  With his resurrection in Harold and Kumar to the fan-favorite, Barney, in How I Met Your Mother to the insanely popular web-short Dr. Horrible… is there anything NPH can’t do?


2 Responses to Neil Patrick Harris as The Flash?

  1. The Flash would be an awesome flick, but, like you, I don’t think he’d be the best actor to take the lead.

  2. nightshift says:

    Not bad, a dead drug addict gets an award

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