Lost Reaction (S05E04)

So this past week’s episode of Lost answered a bunch of questions. We find out why Kate decided to take Aaron and pretend he was her own. We find out that Jin is alive. We discover that Ben has been trying to get custody of Aaron. We find out why some are having nosebleeds. We find out a lot of things in the episode that I’d like to call….HERE’S YOUR ANSWERS B*TCH!  This episode to me is almost a throw-away episode, because all it does is tell us a bunch of information, kind of like a grocery list. It’s not really going to be useful until you get to the supermarket.  That’s the problem with revealing a lot of answers all at once; it doesn’t really progress any single story line.

So let’s discuss. We all knew Jin was alive, so let’s move on. He did meet a young Roussoe, which is interesting, but nothing really to note about that…at least yet. Did it really matter that we found out why Kate took Aaron? I’m going to say no. BUT, now Ben wants Aaron. This is interesting… why does he want Aaron? Does it have something to do with the fact that he was born on the island? Or maybe something to do with Claire living in Jacob’s cabin?  No clue but I’m intrigued. The last image of the episode was of all the people who are off the island (Sun, Aaron, Kate, Jack, Sayid, and Ben) in the same place at the same time, except for Hurley. What does this mean? Find out next week on Lost!

– Sheehan


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