Kung Fu Panda chops WALL-E at the Annies

(Annies = International Animated Film Society)


What?!?!  Okay, my head almost exploded after reading this bit of news.  It doesn’t matter how much you loved Kung Fu Panda… because I admit that I enjoyed Kung Fu Panda a lot more than I expected to… it’s just that you cannot say you weren’t surprised when the Annie Awards gave Kung Fu Panda 10 feature film trophies over the most critically acclaimed (not only animated) movie of the entire year, WALL-E.  It also beat out, in my opinion, what would be the runner-up for the Annie Award for best animated feature, Waltz with Bashir (which won the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film).

It gets better… not only did Kung Fu Panda sweep the awards, it tallied a total of 10 trophies which tops last year’s Pixar’s Ratatouille that earned nine Annie Awards.  Of course in last year’s case, Ratatouille was the heavy favorite to win the Best Animated Feature Oscar.  So what happened this year?  Are people just fed up with Pixar’s extreme run of success?  Or is Kung Fu Panda an actual contender to pull a major upset come February 22nd?

It’s just funny how WALL-E was receiving so much buzz that it could become the 2nd animated feature to be nominated for Best Picture, and now it’s being questioned whether it will win the Best Animated Feature Oscar.  It’s certainly still the favorite, but the Annie Awards shook things up a little.  But seriously… Kung Fu Panda winning 10 Annie Awards?!  It’s not the best animated film of this year, and it’s not even the best animated Dreamworks film (Shrek)… yet it received more trophies than Ratatouille (9) and Shrek (8).  Something just doesn’t add up.


One Response to Kung Fu Panda chops WALL-E at the Annies

  1. Matt says:

    No one seriously thinks KFP will beat WALL-E at The Oscars. Trust me, this is a fluke and has to do with DreamWork’s deep pockets, things will be set right at The Oscars, where WALL-E will walk away with at least 2 or 3 awards, whereas Kung Fu Panda will get none.

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