Lost Reaction (S05E03)


Desmonds’ got a baby! Leave it to Lost to make you think something really bizarre is going to happen and then BAM!.. It’s nothing really important.  Flash to the island and we see a bunch of “others” who are holding the scientists, as I’ll call them, hostage now. And who is the leader of these “others”?  None other (get the pun) than Richard Alpert himself…again he is everywhere… or should I say everywhen?  This time seems to be the first time he’s ever been because it’s like 1954. Locke’s got “people” which is why he doesn’t shoot one of the “others” who turns out to be…I’m getting there don’t worry.  We cut back to Desmond who goes to find Faraday’s mother, but instead figures out the first time he saw Faraday (which is actually the first time we saw Faraday and not the first time he saw him in time sequential order…if you can follow what I mean) was in the past. He then goes to see some girl who’s connected to Faraday and is being kept alive by Charles Widmore.  Why? I don’t know…Third base! (For those youngsters out there, that’s a reference to Abbot and Costello) So who’s that young guy running around snapping people’s necks and claiming he knows the island better then John Locke? It’s a very young Charles Widmore! Oh, and Charlotte bites the dust.

Mainly this episode confused me more than anything else.  I’m not sure where the Widmore story is going but I definitely didn’t see that coming. Desmond looks like he’s going to end up back on the island sooner or later…which is awesome. Who is Richard?  Why does he seem to be such a key piece in the things we don’t know yet?  Who is Faraday’s mother and what’s she going to do? Why did Faraday mess up the presumed love of his life? Why is there an H-Bomb on the island? So many questions…. I love this show!  I can’t wait for the next episode.

– Sheehan


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