Lost – Season 5 Premiere Reactions

My dear Blur readers… I present to you my good friend, Sheehan, who will be reporting in regularly giving his  reactions to season five of Lost.  Here’s his first post discussing his thoughts on the season premiere’s first two episodes.


Too much time has gone by since the last season of Lost but oh my, it’s back with a vengeance in classic Lost style by creating a million questions and only answering a few.  I liked it from the very beginning of the episode when we are flung back in time to see Dr. Training Video himself, along with his wife and his baby (possibly a young Miles). Then Dr. Training Video goes to the cave and we see Dan Faraday!!!  WTF?  As the episode progresses we see that people are stuck in time… so did Faraday come from the future or is that his starting place and then he jumps into the future? Moving on, Locke gets lost in time, Hurley and Sayid fight secret agents, Ben and Jack develop a plan to get everyone and go back to the island, Kate and Aaron run away from a paternity test, Desmond is going to Oxford to meet Faraday’s mom, and Sun wants to kill Ben. Ok now that that’s out of the way, here is my reaction:  WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON???

Whatever it is, I like it! I love Desmond so I’m pumped he’s back, but I really don’t understand where his story line can go from here. I’m a tad surprised that Jack is instantly on the same side as Ben, although I guess you can’t really say they’re on the same side; they’re just working to achieve a similar goal of getting back to the island. So the first episode was great.  It gave us a clear outline of things to come for the season.  We have two main story lines revolving around each other: Lost in L.A. and Lost on the island. The second episode dealt a lot with Hurley and him trying to prove he is sane, which we all know he is. We are kind of left to assume Locke is somehow alive, which I don’t get but I think it’s a good choice because he’s a very dynamic part of the show.  Who the heck is this old woman? And why is she so seemingly powerful??  All I know is that I was happy when Neil got hit with a flaming arrow, which just needed to happen. You can find more reactions and questions here next week.

– Sheehan

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