5 Things about The Golden Globes

The Golden Globes returned with a fine ceremony.  Here are five things I specifically liked:

1.  Slumdog Millionaire cleaning house! I can’t say that I was completely surprised by this… but I was a little bit.  I thought the HFPA would give Slumdog their due, but not like this:  Best Picture, Best Director, Best Score, and Best Screenplay.  Four for four!  Everyone in the world loves this movie.  What can stop this from winning the Oscar?

2.  Kate Winslet finally gets her due.  Prior to the 66th annual Golden Globes, Mrs. Winslet has been nominated for 5 Golden Globe awards and 5 Oscars… and she has no trophies to show for it.  It’s hard to pick only one year saying “This was Kate Winslet’s year” because she has so many.  Titanic exploded her to fame but she continued choosing artistic and meaningful films like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Little Children, and Finding Neverland.  Finally this year she has two movies out:  The Reader and Revolutionary Road.  And there was no surprise she picked up her 6th and 7th Globe nomination… but it was a shock that she walked away with two trophies.  Now will The Academy follow suit?  They really should.

3.  Heath Ledger wins Best Supporting Actor.  Not like anyone was surprised by this, but Christopher Nolan accepted the award for Ledger and gave a precise yet sweet speech that was perfect.

4.  Other notable speeches:  Mickey Rourke (Aronofsky flipping him the bird), Colin Farrell (joking about cocaine), Tina Fey (telling her online critics to “suck it!”), and Tracy Morgan (just his usual ridiculousness).  All were hilarious.

5.  Steven Speilberg’s Lifetime Achievement Award. This has been in the making for a long time.

And here are 3 not so good things…

1.  We all knew the program is 3-hours long, but they always allow the beginning award winners to talk endlessly and cut off the winners to the most important awards at the end.  What’s that about?

2.  Sure, having the stars of TV and movies all in one room with alcohol makes for good television.  But honestly, who cares about television awards?  When you see the same exact actors playing the same character nominated in the same category year-after-year, where’s the excitement in that?

3.  This year’s Golden Globes produced the second worst ratings since 1995.  So while it was quite a ceremony, people just didn’t tune in.


One Response to 5 Things about The Golden Globes

  1. coffee says:

    Mickey Rourke filled his role in The Wrestler really well… maybe too well

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