Box Office Results: Yes to Jim Carrey’s ‘Yes Man’

Studio Estimate for Dec. 19-21:

1.  Yes Man – $18.2 million
2.  Seven Pounds – $16 million
3.  The Tale of Despereaux – $10.5 million
4.  The Day the Earth Stood Still – $10.2 million
5.  Four Christmases – $7.7 million

Well we knew it would come down to Yes Man and Seven Pounds for the box office title, and Jim Carrey’s comedy edged out Will Smith’s melodrama.  The box office totals were hurt by the weather this weekend, but aside from the lower than expected grosses, our predictions were fairly accurate.

Check back later in the week for our Christmas weekend predictions.  It’s going to be a very competitive weekend with the releases of Adam Sandler’s kid-comedy Bedtime Stories, Brad Pitt’s Oscar-contender The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Jennifer Aniston’s family-flick Marley and Me, comic-book fan’s highly anticipated The Spirit, and Tom Cruise’s Nazi-thriller Valkyrie.  That’s one hell of a weekend for the holidays.

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