Baz Luhrmann to direct ‘The Great Gatsby’


Australia’s director Baz Luhrmann’s next project will be tackling F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel The Great Gatsby.  It is confirmed.  There have been adaptations before, none of which are memorable so hopefully Baz can rekindle his magic and do this justice.

I read this novel years ago in high school and honestly don’t remember a thing about it.  Maybe I’ll pick it up after the holidays to reacquaint myself with the Fitzgerald classic.  This is convenient since The Curious Case of Benjamin Button will surely shed a mainstream light on the great American author.  Then to be followed with his most popular story from the direction of Baz… this just shows how great of a writer Fitzgerald actually was.


2 Responses to Baz Luhrmann to direct ‘The Great Gatsby’

  1. jawuan mcwhite says:

    i think the book was horrible and i think it could have been better but the movie was AWNSOME i think who ever made our film the movie they did a very good job.

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