Batman 3 featuring Catwoman?

After stumbling upon a few blogs who have been posting the rumor that Chris Nolan will be directing The Dark Knight sequel, I said to hell with it… why not keep the rumor going?  So yeah, despite no formal confirmations and the fact that Chris Nolan has openly expressed doubt that he’ll be dedicated enough for a third Batman film, the rumors supposedly confirmed that there will be a third installment.

And that’s not all.  To add to the fire, supposedly there are sources that claim Rachel Weisz is being considered for the Catwoman role.


Now although I’m not getting my hopes up from these rumors, I do have to say that Rachel Weisz would be a great fit if there is ever a third Batman movie.  #1  She’s hot.  #2  She can act really well.  #3  She’s hot.  Do I need any more reasons?


One Response to Batman 3 featuring Catwoman?

  1. Chubz says:

    Oh man! I would trade Maggie Gyllenhaal and Katie Holmes for Rachel Weisz to play a leading female role anytime. If this rumor is true, then kudos on this new batman series!

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