AFI’s Top 10 of 2008


AFI’s Top 10 Movies of the Year (alphabetical order):

– The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
– The Dark Knight
– Frost/Nixon
– Frozen River
– Gran Torino
– Iron Man
– Milk
– Wendy and Lucy
– The Wrestler

Top 10 TV Programs (alphabetical order):

– Breaking Bad
– In Treatment
– John Adams
– Life
– Lost
– Mad Men
– The Office
– Recount
– The Shield
– The Wire


The American Film Institute announced their top ten films and television programs on Sunday, December 14.  Some notable films selected to the Top 10 for film are Frozen River, Iron Man, and Wendy and Lucy… just because these films haven’t been acknowledged too much by other lists.  The eye-opening film left out of the Top 10 is Slumdog Millionaire, though it’s because they ruled it out as an “American” movie.  Other films that didn’t make the cut include Revolutionary Road, The Reader, and Doubt.  I think it’s time to sound the alarm for these three films.  Not only have the reviews have been mixed, but they have consistently been snubbed by critics’ Top Ten Lists.  Only the Golden Globes though the films were worthy for Best Picture nominations (Revolutionary Road and The Reader).

Is this the end of the road for Revolutionary Road, The Reader, and Doubt?  Not quite yet, but they have quite an uphill to travel to get back into serious contention.  Doubt will probably garner acting nominations for Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and maybe Amy Adams and Viola Davis.  The Reader will push for a Supporting Actress nod for Kate Winslet, though she has a much better chance at the Lead Acting nod for Revolutionary Road.

The AFI Top Ten list is usually a very good projection to predicting the Oscars.  Last year, all of the Best Picture nominees were in the Top 10 List aside from Atonement.  In 2006 their list only had 3 of the 5 Best Picture nominees, but in 2005 their list had all of the nominees.  So looking at this year’s Top 10… I’d say that Benjamin Button, The Dark Knight, and Milk are almost but guaranteed to be Best Picture nominees.  Slumdog Millionaire should be another nominee.  Who will get the fifth spot?  Honestly, I’m hoping it’s WALL-E, but your guess is as good as mine at this point.  Frost/Nixon seems like the strongest possibility, but with The Wrestler being released soon and the legend Clint Eastwood still lurking nearby with Gran Torino, it’s still too early to make my final predictions.


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