Box Office Results: It’s Christmas Time!

Studio Estimates for Dec. 5-7:

1.  Four Christmases – $18.2 million
2.  Twilight – $13.2 million
3.  Bolt – $9.7 million
4.  Australia – $7 million
5.  Quantum of Solace – $6.6 million

The holiday season is upon us and Four Christmases is capturing everyone’s attention.  The Christmas comedy has now topped the box office two weeks in a row despite negative reviews and mediocre word of mouth.  Twilight is continuing to impress with a $13 million weekend and a total gross of $138.5 million in three weeks.  Disney’s Bolt placed third, with Baz Luhrmann’s epic Australia and Quantum of Solace finishing off the Top 5.  The only new wide release film, Punisher: War Zone, barely made a dent in the box office, placing eighth with a pitiful $4 million.  The three Oscar contenders had the three best per theater average with Frost/Nixon ($60,000) on top followed by Slumdog Millionaire ($18,026) and Milk ($17,071).

Check back Friday for our new predictions.  How big of an impact will The Day the Earth Stood Still have?  Will it trample its competition like it is predicted?


One Response to Box Office Results: It’s Christmas Time!

  1. sahar009 says:

    Twilight didn’t beat Four Christmases? Insane! But kind of cool. I wonder if anyone could have predicted this :)

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